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Mrs Yarrington has left the building



After 12 years and nearly 200 gigs, me and Dave have decided to call it a day promoting gigs. We feel Mrs Y’s has run its course and time to move on to other things.


I must say that this decision was made back at the end of 2019 and nothing to do with the current situation.


Sadly, all the gigs for the summer run have now been cancelled. We have a full diary up to the end of the year, but at this stage not sure if any will take place. Even if we are allowed to open, we cannot operate with social distancing in place and I’m not sure how many people, including myself, will be up to meeting in an enclosed space, but who knows where we will be in three or four months time.


It’s been great fun. Our three venues, originally at Crowhurst Park then at The Senlac, especially with Steve the landlord, not so much fun with the other stream of tenants, and finally for the last couple of years at the very welcoming Whatlington Village Hall.


We would like to thank everyone who has been to a club night, there are a few of you who have been with us pretty much for the whole jaunt, and all the performers, headliners and support acts. We have certainly discovered some great music together, and thanks to others who have helped along the way with a special mention for Joe and more recently Lee.


It is not an ideal way to go, we would have chosen a different way and who knows we may still be back before the end of the year. But as we have more of an underground status, certainly locally, and are more known outside the area on the national acoustic circuit, with numerous mentions on various Radio 2 shows and with touring acts from the likes of the USA, Europe & Australia loving the club, maybe it is right that we should just quietly drift away into the setting sun.


Mick & Dave

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