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GrandPa Mikey and Handel

have the greatest pleasure in bringing you


If you are looking for all the top hits played 10 times a day this isn't the place for you.

"There is two kinds of music, the good, and the bad.

We play the good kind."


We may have borrowed that from Louis Armstrong but on Mrs Yarringtons Radio you will not hear excitable DJ’s playing the biggest hits. No! No! No!

GrandPa Mikey & DJ Handel have Mixxed their music collections and created Mrs Yarringtons Music Emporium and that Emporium is the foundation of Mrs Yarringtons Radio. If it’s played on Mrs Yarringtons Radio it is in the Emporium. No iTunes, no Spotify. It’s basically us playing our record collection on Mrs Yarringtons Radio. 

On Mrs Yarringtons Radio you can hear a  gallimaufry of different styles  from Rock, Prog, Jazz , Classical and anything  you can think of in between. With over a hundred years of gathering music between us  the music is just waiting for you to hear and discover.

Your favourite Grandpa will be popping up “live” on Saturdays from 8am.

If Classical music is your thing, or something to discover,  look out for “Handel with Kare” on Monday evenings  for Handel's insight to all things Classical. And that is not forgetting  "Handel's Klassical Sessions".  We also have  shows by Steve Wood and the ever so cool Nick Gray.

So keep listening in and discover Mrs Yarringtons Radio and our Music Emporium not dominated by the top 40.


Not only do we not play the same song over,  over and over again, we do play the original versions of these songs, no radio edits. May mean a rude word or two.

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