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Grandpa Mikey

Station controller at  

Mrs Yarringtons Radio.

Mothballing Your Battleship
- live  Saturdays 8 Am
MYB2 - Live at 8pm Wednesdays
The Piano ain't got no wrong notes  - Sat -6pm


Quality controller at  

Mrs Yarringtons Radio.

Handel with Kare  -  Mon -7pm
Handel's Guide to Opera - Various times 
Handel's Klassical Sessions

Steve Wood

The Light Programme -Sundays at 2pm

The S Factor - Mondays  at 4pm

& Sundays at 9pm


Nick Gray

The Gray Area Show

Saturdays at 9pm

Mondays at 1pm

R (1).png

Hal - 9001

Our hardest working DJ. Chooses the music  when no one else will.

What could go wrong ?

We like beer at Mrs Yarringtons Radio so if you are  enjoying Mrs Yarringtons Radio why not

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