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The Shows

Mothballing Your Battleship

Live on Saturdays at 8am

Replayed Sundays at 3pm

Saturdays mornings live  with GrandPa Mikey playing the good, the unusual and now and then, the not so good. If it's a musician's birthday we shall play a tune from them too, all from the depths of Mrs Yarringtons Music Emporium 

The Piano Ain't got no Wrong Notes

From the archives Saturdays at 6pm


Join GrandPa Mikey's  as he visits the Jazz Quarter of Mrs Yarringtons Music Emporium and discovers whatever this thing called Jazz is 


We like beer at Mrs Yarringtons Radio so if you are  enjoying Mrs Yarringtons Radio why not

Handel with Kare

Mondays at 7pm

Replayed Sundays at 10am

Archive  Tuesdays at 10am

Handel's monthly Faure into Classical music. From the mainstream and often not the mainstream. It's classical music  but not always as you know it.

Handel's Guide to Opera

Wednesday's at 8pm (June- September)

Archive - Sundays 6pm

Handel's personal insight into one featured Opera


We like Beer at Mrs Yarringtons Radio so if you are  enjoying Mrs Yarringtons Radio why not

Handel's Klassical Sessions

Thursdays 2pm

Fridays at 7am

Sundays at 6pm


All your favourite classical music  without all that weird stuff or any  DJ's talking either. What's not to like  

The Gray Area Show with Nick Gray

Fridays at 9pm -latest mix

Mondays at 1pm - from the archive

Supporting Global Independent Music & Labels. The coolest DJ on Mrs Yarringtons Radio. Find out more at

The "S" Factor  with Steve Wood 

Sundays at 9pm

Mondays at 4pm

 "Old ones, new ones, loved ones, neglected ones".

Records played on The "S" Factor fall into one or more of these categories. 

Steve Wood
The Light Programme with Steve Wood

Sundays at 2pm

Thursdays at 9pm

Mellow tunes from the 20's - 50's  with Steve Wood.  Originally broadcast on Cabin FM

Through the night with
Mrs Yarringtons Music Emporium 

A random selection of programmes from our vaults to help you get  through the night. A touch of Mothballing, a bit of Handel and some S factor too

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