Grandpa Mikey

Station controller at  

Mrs Yarringtons Radio.

Self confessed genius
Fashion Icon

Chief of Unicorn Division

Captained England Cricket tour of Asgard and Laputa.

Original member of Boyszone

Retired Jedi Master

Awards won
The Most Honourable Order of a Bath
4 time winner of Rear of the year




Quality controller at  

Mrs Yarringtons Radio.

Down on whats happening on the streets, well Vienna in 1806.

Director of fun.

DChecks the spellying and grammar

Extreme Unicyclist 

Professional Snuggler


Head of Potatoes


Dismantled (vandalised) Amplion wireless radio horn at age 2.

Experimented with Merryfield “Gram-deck” tape recording apparatus (mounted on record player) at age 6-7, and became a nuisance. 

Wired most of house for sound at age 8 and became more of a nuisance.

Started broadcasting on cable to next-door neighbour at age 9.

Interests, horology (particularly Bulova Accutron tuning-fork watches)

Steve Wood

The Light Programme , The S Factor