Station Controller Grandpa Mikey here, on  Mrs Yarringtons Radio you will not hear excitable DJ’s playing the biggest hits here. No No No, just music you may or may not know. Me and DJ Handel have Mixxed  our music collections and created Mrs Yarringtons Music Emporium And that emporium is the foundation of Mrs Yarringtons Radio. If it’s played on Mrs Yarringtons Radio it is in the emporium.
No iTunes, no Spotify It’s basically us playing our record collection on Mrs Yarringtons Radio

Mornings its generally non - stop music form Mrs Yarringtons Music Emporium. No Spotify, no iTunes, we feature music from our abundant music collection.  We have thousands of tracks over diverse genres with between us over hundred years of gathering music, just waiting for you to hear and discover

Do check out or daily schedule.

Your favourite Grandpa will be popping up “live” a couple of times a week. Yep I’ll be bumbling my way through a couple of “live shows” 

If Classical music is your thing, or something to discover, Thursday afternoon's is dedicated to Classical music or tune into “Handel with Kare” on Monday evenings for Handel's insight to all things Classical

Check out shows by Steve Wood and the ever so cool Nick Gray.

And for you old enough to remember albums, tune in every weekday at 10, that is am & pm, for  “Mrs Yarringtons 100” where we play in full, albums us here at Mrs Y’s feel you should hear at least once.


Can't listen during the week or missed something Sundays is catch up day.

So keep listening in and discover Mrs Yarringtons Radio and our Music Emporium not dominate by the top 40.

Other ways to listen live just click on one of the icons

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