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Hi it’s the grandpa here and my turn to add another to the pile of Mrs Y’s 100 albums we think you should hear once, and for my choice today we are drifting back to one of pop golden era of the late 70’s and playing Out of the Blue by Electric Light Orchestra .

Let’s be honest ELO was really a solo venture of Jeff Lynne apparently writing pretty much all 17 songs for this double album in a three week period locked up in a chalet in Switzerland.

After its release in 1977 it never seemed ELO were off the radio but how does it sound listening back 43 years later? Yes really 43 years!

Over produced? Yes

Some of the songs a bit samey? maybe

Great pop music? A resounding yes

In an ideal world maybe it could lose a song or two as the double album quality does dip at times. But there is certainly a lot of winners on here, “ Sweet talking Woman” & “ Wild West hero” and the 3rd side on the old vinyl the four-song suite "Concerto for a Rainy Day" based on the weather and how it affects mood change, ending gloriously with “Mr. Blue Sky”, an uplifting celebration of sunshine (oh come on it was the 1970s).

The interaction with catchy pop tunes and the orchestra bit of the band still works without sounding to syrupy. All in all it stands up pretty well and the influence of ELO can be heard on plenty of today’s highly polished pop fodder

You can listen to Mrs Y's 100 every weekday at 10. Listen here

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