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Need to start this blog with something so as I did another episode of Mrs Y's 100 albums you should hear once I shall put hear my inner thoughts of that album.

Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

Hi it’s the grandpa here and another selection for Mrs Y’s 100 albums you should hear once. And today nothing underground or culty as I go straight to the top of those best off list and going to play Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. There are millions and millions of words written about Sgt Pepper, so go and hunt them out if you want a deep analyse and hidden meanings.

I have have done no research so solely looking at this from a 2020 view of an album that is over half a century old.

Does it stand up to the hype? Now, to me it sounds a bit dated, certainly 1960’s drug influenced and at times wacky lyrics. As for the music I don’t quite get the ‘concept’ thing as it seems like a collection of songs just sandwiched by the title track. Even the final track is outside that sandwich. Don’t get me wrong there are some marvels music wise on there To me ‘A Day in the Life’ stands up there with anything and the Indian influenced "Within You Without You" is a joy" but at times the production has the sounds of a novelty hit such as in “when I’m 64”. Peoples views of a 64 year old have certainly changed for the better.

In Sgt Peppers defense, it is difficult to appreciate the change and influence near 60 years on. Released in 1967 when I was only 9, so I don’t quite understand the seismic change it provided for future music. I think you needed to have live through that to get it

Personally it wouldn’t get in my top 20 albums but as a music lover you must have it in your collection.

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