Genesis tour 2020

Big announcement that the Genesis will reform, well the 1980’s pop version, and tour again. The trio have had alot coverage in the press and social media, quite a bit not very positive for the septuagenarian approaching trio.

Being a big Prog fan, strangely I never got Genesis even in their Peter Gabriel inspired heyday so the news was not that enthralling for me especially as Phil Collins to me as a solo artist, if he was performing across the road I’d get in my car and drive away.

But I think they are getting a lot of unfair stick. There is an old peoples home full of bands out there from the 80’s and 70’s and even a smattering from the 60’s still doing it on the very lucrative retro tour. They did sell a lot of albums even as the commercial Collin’s led pop trio so as long as people enjoy it and willing to pay no doubt over inflated prices for tickets what is the problem? I’m sure they will perform more ‘live’ than a lot of the so called Mega Stars out there now. No one seems to care at a wobbly Madonna trying to complete in the sexy stakes with today's popstars who are young enough to be her daughter or even grand-daughter!

I don’t care what they will or won’t be playing, or about any other members who won’t be there as I will not be in the queue for a ticket, but hey let them do it and encourage them and let the fans enjoy it as for bands of my youth the great gig in the sky will come way to soon.

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