Explosions in the Sky, Bexhill 11/02/20

So, some instrumental post-rock from Texas. Well, it had its moments, mostly the quiet ones, but as a whole it just doesn't quite work for me. Too much of it sounds like intros or outros to songs which aren't there. It's like the lead singer missed the bus and they just went on stage and played anyway.

More interesting at least, the support from A.A.Williams. But her slow, downbeat songs with drawn-out vocal lines do tend to become dreary and repetitive. In her defence, she was playing what she called a stripped-down version of her normal setup, it was just her and a bass player. Have a look on youtube, she's better with a full band. But still dreary.

One other thing, it was bloody cold in the DeLaWarr!

Handel, 12/02/20

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