Explosions In The Sky

De La war pavilion 11/2/20

Tuesday night and Me and Handel hit the town and went off to our local iconic venue to see a band that had completely passed me by and we only went because of a cheap deal on tickets. I know they were some kind of instrumental inde - rock band, I think the pigeon hole is Post Rock. Nope no idea.

The evening opened with A.A.Wilson who’s stripped down minimalist female vocal set could supply enough material to fill John Lewis Christmas adverts for the next 10 years. Apparently it was unusual as her music as it is generally a bit rawer and louder and in a full band set up. It really didn’t work for me, but she had a warm reception from the rest and probably more knowledgeable audience.

Then onto our headliners, Explosions in the Sky. A quick friendly introduction from one of the band members explaining it was their 20th anniversary tour and off we went. Time 21.10 for the opening riff, closing riff of that track - 22.36. Yes just one elongated jam which caused a few issues as when to applaud, a bit like those uninitiated clapping between movements in Classical music. Construction of songs is closer to Chemical Brothers or The Orb as opposed to rock bands of the era, say the Foo Fighters. There seems to be a formula, start with a simple riff or motif and build that up to something loud then bring it down again. Not really melodies but more Soundscapeing. Imagine Mike Oldfield growing a pair and going through his Metallica phase. It was slightly odd seeing a band with four guitarists and not a microphone in sight, at times I was waiting for the absent singer to burst on stage and lead us into a hearty chorus.

Can’t tell you the titles of songs, are they called songs if instrumental? Was it just one tune or a medley of their greatest hits? Who knows? Well a few did as cheers greeted certain opening gambits. Throw in a good light show which coordinated well with the music well and this old progger had very enjoyable evening.

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