Apollo5 at Vinehall School, 07/03/2020

Mrs Handel and myself have been regulars at this marvellous classical music series, now in its 31st season, for quite a while now. The average age of the audience is, well, quite substantial, and so an a cappella group singing arrangements of Queen songs and the like is, in this arena, right out there.

They made a lovely sound, and they introduced their work with humour and grace, an altogether likeable group of people.

I suppose though that I did rather struggle with the actual material, which centres on two areas - firstly Elizabethan madrigals, which I find crushingly boring, and arrangements of twentieth-century and current popular songs which, almost without exception, were just too elaborate. I really yearned for just a few simple things, and so the highlights for me were James MacMillan's 'O Radiant Dawn' (which has featured on 'Handel with Kare') and Gerald Finzi's 'My Spirit Sang All Day'.

But don't get me wrong, it was a most enjoyable evening, and if you're looking for something a bit different, these guys are well worth checking out.

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