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Zen Bicycle Band v Terry Riley's "In C"

  • St Mary the Virgin Upper Lake Battle, EAst Sussex England (map)
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 St Mary's Church, Upper Lake, Battle

A Mrs Y's  special on-off event as  part of Battle Festival and again we visit St Mary's Church, Upper Lake, Battle as one of Mrs Y's favorites take on this iconic piece.   

Mrs  Yarringtons  Music  Club  presents THE  ZEN  BICYCLE  BAND  versus  Terry  Riley’s "IN C" .I  can’t  really  tell  you  what  is  going  to  happen  as no-one  knows!  Terry  Riley's  minimalist  classic  ͞"In  C͟" is  instantly  recognizable,  despite  the  fact  that  no  two  performances  of it  can  ever  be  the  same. "In  C"  score  is  made  from  53  musical  modules,  fragments  of musical  material  and  melodies.  The  players  move  steadily  through  the  fragments,  although  they  can  omit  them  as  well,  and  the  modules  can  be  played  faster  or  slower  than  written.  How  many  times  each  is  repeated,  and  how  long  a  performance  lasts,  will  vary  each  time  the  piece  is  played.  

The  Zen  Bicycle  Band  music  is  a  freeform  flowing  stream  of  connectivity  between  three  individual  players  created  entirely  spontaneous.  They  connect  with  the  audience,  in  harmony  and  also  directly  to  the  source  of  imagination  and  inspiration.  Every  performance  is  unique  to  that  moment  of  creation.  The  music  that  flows  from  the  ZBB  is  surprisingly  organised  and  profound.  Itis  not  mindless  unstructured  noodling.  Itis  effortless  music  without  the  mind  interfering.  They  would  not  normally  follow  any  kind  of  score  or  set  pattern  but  with  their  intuitive  music  and  Terry  Riley’s  free-flowing  score  this  will  be  a  one  moment  in  time  musical  event.  

Tickets £5 in advance £10 on door 


Mrs Yarringtons Music Club Members get in touch for a special rate.

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