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Lisa Mills

Some of you will have witnessed Lisa's mesmorising performance at last years Big Green Cardigan now she is back for a more intimate gig at Mrs Y's.

Mississippi native, now Alabama resident Lisa Mills could be called a blues singer, or a gospel singer, or a torch singer or an R&B singer, and each label would be accurate. In fact, as the reviews of her 2014 album I’m Changing (a remastered and remixed reimagining of her 2005 debut album, enhanced by the inclusion of a handful of new tracks) poured in, she was described in all of these terms, and at least a couple of critics suggested they even heard the nascent stirrings of a jazz stylist in some of her more nuanced readings.
Listeners responded to Lisa’s sophisticated, emotional performances by making her 2015 U.K. tour a rousing success marked by sellout or near-packed venues, brisk post-concert CD sales and the inevitable query as to when she would be returning. To the latter the answer is “2016,” when the excitement of 2015 will be parlayed into an extended U.K. and European tour, on which bookings are being focused on festivals, concert halls and centers. And by the time the 2016 tour gets underway next Fall, she will have a new album to promote, titled Mama’s Juke Book.
A special and deeply personal project, Mama’s Juke Book will be comprised of songs Lisa found by chance in her late mother’s possessions—specifically, in a Dollar Store General spiral notebook in which her mother had handwritten lyrics to 25 of her favorite country tunes, all dating from the early ‘70s. Her mother, Jan Powell, was a country music devotee who unfortunately passed away in 2012. In addition to her love of music, Jan unconditionally loved her daughter, was her biggest fan and most enthusiastic promoter, and not least of all, was her trusted confidant. In a real sense Mama’s Juke Book is a love letter from daughter to mother but it is also a Southern cultural timepiece capturing mainstream country music in a transitional period ahead of the emergence of the Outlaw movement in the mid-‘70s. Grammy winner Trina Shoemaker, who steered the retooling of I’m Changing, is returning in a producer’s role on Mama’s Juke Book. 
Although the content of Mama’s Juke Book is drawn from country, Lisa’s interpretive artistry takes country for a new spin when chestnuts originally recorded by the likes of Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, Buck Owens, Conway Twitty and others are revealed to have hidden pockets of soul and blues when considered from a fresh point of view by a versatile vocalist—similar to what she demonstrates on I’m Changing in finding new avenues of expression on covers of the Rev. Robert Wilkins’s “I Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down” and Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing,” both of which are remarkable for the way in which her ethereal approach is so completely attuned to the lyrics’ spirituality and mystery as to make these songs her own and of a piece with the original material surrounding them.
In a summary that is both specific to the album and a telling appraisal of an artist coming into her own, David McGee, writing in the online roots music/cultural journal Deep Roots (www.deeprootsmag.org), praised I’m Changing as “a rare breed, a roots torch album of sweep and depth comparable to classic pop counterparts such as Sinatra’s devastating Gordon Jenkins-arranged No One Cares,” and concluded: “(Lisa Mills is) a singer and songwriter of the first rank, uncompromising in the vision and concept of her art.”
In short, the Lisa Mills story is only beginning.


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To close our summer sessions the return of Sika who produced one of the most talked about gigs at Mrs Y's a couple of years ago. A dynamic fusion of instruments from indigenous cultures around the world merging ancient & contemporary instruments Sika’s music crosses the lines between world, ambient dance & acoustic trance.
Internationally recognised as a virtuoso on Didgeridoo, Sika has created a unique and dynamic style. Often dancing and moving around the stage playing Didjeridoo, backed by layers of loops, driving drum rhythms, flutes, percussion and sweeping ambient soundscapes, his performances are absolutely mesmerizing to experience. As well as creating a main stage performance, Sika's other equally powerful forte lie within the realms of intimate spaces, weaving stories and songs to carry us on a journey to the essence of our own personal dreaming, to the sacred centre within. Sika has travelled extensively learning much from the indigenous tribes he has spent time with. As a result, much of what Sika composes comes from his deep connection to Great Spirit. This knowledge and experience is incorporated into his music.
"The connection with our ancestors and ancient knowledge is a key to see into the Dreamtime of our planet."

8:00 pm20:00

King Size Slim band

Not just King Size Slim but the full 4 piece band will squeeze into Mrs Y's for an evening of Heavy Acoustic.

London Gig Guide 'must see act' 
IBBA album of the month
British Blues Award 'Emerging Artist' 
Wasser Prawda magazine awards nominee

In 2005 Toby Barelli aka KING SIZE SLIM began experimenting with a new sound. A sound fully conscious of its roots but with a new story to tell. Having spent the previous 4 years touring and recording with TwoTone pioneers 'The Selecter' along with other Ska and Reggae luminaries, the sound was always going to be rhythm led, heavy on the bass and rootsy in the melody. 

Big warm tones from his resonator guitar with a powerful and direct vocal style became the trademarks of the sound. Add rolling grooves, multi-layered percussion,vocals, harmonicas and myriad shakers to create a heavyweight acoustic sound that shouts loud and kisses sweet. 

"....in my view though, KING SIZE SLIM gave the the standout performance of the weekend.His fat roots boogie sound just blew me away' Acoustic Festival of Great Britain 2015


8:00 pm20:00

The Captain of the Lost Waves

Ahoy chums !
It is the return of one of Mrs Yarringtons favourite, for those in the crew know what to expect, for those who don't how to explain. Now with a critically acclaimed album 'Hidden Gems' under his top hat and darling of the Steampunk circuit, come sail with the Captain and witnessing the journey of this intergalactic time detective through cosmic skies and seas. Part singer/songwriter, part storyteller, part Vaudeville. As one reviewer said, 'Watching a ‘Captain of the Lost Waves’ performance is like trying to describe the colour number nine' and that says it all. Deliciously bonkers, eccentric and impossible to categorize we will travel through operatic scales to eerie chorale voices, hypnotic rhythms to confessional and emotive lyrics and haunting melodies. First mates and mutineers come aboard and sail with the Captain as he opens up a music box of tales, mysteries and hidden gems. Where theatre, drama and intrigue collide. Edinburgh Fringe loves him too, ‘The Captain often appears in those rare live performances as a one man wonder, his own man, oddball perhaps, unique in the way that distinguishes original artists from the copyists’ ***** EDFRINGE.COM

8:00 pm20:00

Eduardo Niebla

  • St Marys Church

Please note that this gig is not at our usual venue but at St Mary's Church, Upper Lake , Battle.

“Stunning flamenco jazz guitar pyrotechnics.” “The undisputed highlight of this year’s Glastonbury Festival. Quite simply brilliant.” (THE SOUND).  

Some of you may have seen his blown away performance at The Big Green Cardigan a couple of years ago, If you are already among his admirers around the world, you know you have something quite extraordinary in store. The virtuoso Spanish guitarist makes music that transcends genres and crosses barriers; brilliant flamenco jazz fusion, exquisitely performed, full of passion and verve. Eduardo’s has appeared all over the world from india to the Olympic games and everywhere in between and played with everyone from the Dante String Quartet to George Michael. 
For us tonight he accompanied guitarist Matthew Robinson; an amazing opportunity to hear world class guitar playing at its very best.

Supported by Sean De Burca, who has been named as one of the greatest guitarists worldwide under the age of 30 by Acoustic Guitar Magazine. This evening is an unmissable for lovers of guitar music of any kind. 


8:00 pm20:00

Walklate & Fuschi

Walklate and Fuschi are an "Electric Blues Duo” that use old tube amplifiers creating a rich tone that roots their sound in the very early days of amplified Blues. The result is a magical performance that stands out for its intensity and energy. Although there are two people on stage, they sound like a 10 piece Blues band. The two bluesmen have different cultural backgrounds but when it comes to play the Blues, they speak the same language. They let the music do the talking. They both bring a wealth of influences and musical experience to the table; Paolo is an expert funk and jazz guitarist, but was also brought up on the music of his native Sicily. Mat has a deep and abiding love of pre-war Blues, and he has also been playing Irish traditional music as long as he’s played Blues.
Their first album, Kicking Up The Dust, was recorded live, with no overdubs, in just 4 ½ hours and captured the power and drive of their live performances. They push at the boundaries and they never ‘dial it in’ or take the easy route. Every performance has an element of danger, and complete integrity.



8:00 pm20:00

Giles Hedley and Richard Sadler

Giles has been singing and playing roots blues, solo and with The Aviators, across the UK and Europe since the sixties, onacoustic and electric guitars and harmonicas - his trademark issimultaneous nose-and-mouth harmonica playing!  He's a regular on blues festival and club circuits in England and on the continent, and has featured repeatedly on radio in England and France.

Giles's passion is to share the emotion of a blues song.  Critics and audiences say he draws them into the blues feeling - joyous, ribald or sad - like no other. Clyde Stubblefield, James Brown's legendary drummer once called him "the funkiest singer I've heard in Europe"!

Perhaps that’s why The Times’s critic said “He sings and a whole bar-room is rapt”, and Blues Matters called him “one hell of an entertainer”. The French magazine Blues & Co described a recent set as “ Un moment de pur blues, fait d’émotion et de feeling” – which doesn’t need translating!

Giles's solo work recreates the passion, grit and fire of the delta blues greats - Son House, Fred McDowell (with both of whom Giles appeared in the Seventies), Kokomo Arnold, Robert Johnson. Ragtime and gospel songs keep the variety flowing and showcase his eclectic guitar styles.


8:00 pm20:00

Aaron English

Seattle-based piano-man Aaron English has been steadily building a buzz in the U.S. since 2006, thanks to four  albums and twelve U.S. tours - both solo and with his seven-piece ensemble, The Aaron English Band. But in 2008, English’s third national tour ended abruptly in a catastrophic accident on a Midwestern highway. His restaurant-grease-fueled tour bus and most of his musical equipment were destroyed, and English’s touring career was temporarily grounded.

In 2009, English's fans rallied to his aid and funded the recording of his third album, american [fever] dream. The lead single, "Believe", was a Top 20 hit on the FMQB U.S. radio charts, peaking at #18.

After two years of touring this solo record, Aaron reformed The Aaron English Band with the same members and scored a Top 5 hit in Italy with an epic medley reinvention of The Beatles' and Led Zeppelin's classics "Norwegian Wood" and "Kashmir".

In 2012, Aaron formed the side-project Boombox Séance with Baltimore singer-songwriter Victoria Vox. After writing and touring together in the summer and fall of 2012, they released the album Boombox Séance (also produced by Geoff Stanfield) in March 2013.

Aaron recently returned from two music-filled months as a record producer, songwriter, performer in East Africa, where he started the International Youth Music Project, a non-profit that supports music programs at orphanages.

He is currently releasing a new single and video each month, a project that will culminate in a new album release in 2017.

In an episode of the Fox TV drama Bones last year, a character made a mix of “the six greatest break-up songs” and gave it to a heart-broken colleague. The mix featured songs from alternative-pop stars and "The Lullaby of Loneliness" a lone unsigned artist by the name of Aaron English.



8:00 pm20:00

Rachel Eddy

Rachel was born and raised in rural West Virginia just south of Morgantown, where her musical family inspired her to play and sing as a little girl. She grew up listening to local fiddlers, her father among them, going to old-time festivals, and attending square dances. The old-time bug bit her early in life and Rachel now performs and teaches full-time on fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin and bass.
She has recently relocated back to West Virginia after living the last 5 years in Stockholm. During that time, she invigorated the Swedish old-time scene, inspiring dozens of people to learn Appalachian music and dance. In addition to being a performer, Rachel is passionate about teaching. She has taught fiddle, banjo and guitar at the Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins WV, at Sore Fingers Summer school in the UK, and different various weekend workshops from the hills of West Virginia to Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, London and Wales. Rachel’s love of music comes from the heart and she loves every part of her job from performing, to educating dedicated students, and the electrifying charge of playing in jam sessions around the world!
Over the years, she has had the honor of sharing stages, workshops and recording sessions with the likes of Tim O’Brien, Erynn Marshall, Dirk Powell, Adam Hurt, Rayna Gellert, Russ Barenberg, Bruce Molsky, Mark Schatz, and a month long tour in Germany with the g’earls from Uncle Earl!
She has four full length albums:  The Morgantown Rounders (2006), Hand on the Plow (2008 solo), Chilly Winds (2010 duo with Kristian Herner), and Nothin’ But Corn (2014 solo).


8:00 pm20:00

Dave Kelly

Please to say we welcome the return of one of the greats on the British blues scene.

If there is such a thing as a British 'blues pedigree', then Dave Kelly's sets the standard.  Kelly is a blues craftsman - a journeyman who has served his time with the best.

In New York he jammed with Muddy Waters.  He became a friend to Howlin' Wolf and John Lee Hooker, who both felt the benefit of Dave's playing in their touring bands.  It was Dave's big sister, the late Jo-Ann Kelly, who first opened his ears to the blues, although his passion for rock and roll - and especially the work of Buddy Holly - remains intact.  In 1967 he joined The John Dummer Blues Band.  After three albums and a solo project he continued to polish his style and technique throughout an adventurous career with some of Britain's finest players.  When The Blues Band was formed in 1979, the post of slide guitarist and joint vocalist was a foregone conclusion - and bringing his friend, the bassist Gary Fletcher, along to that first rehearsal, was a bonus.  Dave Kelly's guitar and vocals form the very backbone of The Blues Band's distinctive sound.

Today, after 21 years 'treading the boards' with the band, with his solo albums, duo tours with Paul Jones, and soundtrack work (for commercials and such projects as BBC TV's 'King of the Ghetto' and the Comic Strip's 'Strike!') Dave Kelly is firmly estabished as Europe's premier blues performer.