Here is the schedule for Mrs Y's radio . We have two types of programmes running;

These programmes are bespoke programmes with new editions on the following days. 

  • Handel with Kare - Mondays at 8pm
  • 'Mothballing your Battleship'  - Tuesdays 8pm
  • 'In Full' - Wednesdays 8pm
  • 'Live at Mrs Y's' - Thursdays 8pm
  • 'The Grey Area Show' - Fridays 8pm.
  • Coming Up at Mrs Y's - The day after the latest Mrs Y's gig
  • The Big Green Cardigan Catch - Up Friday 11am 

Sunday's are catch up day where all programmes are repeated.  

 Our other shows' delve into our database of tracks and are different every time on air.

More info on each show can be found here

 You can listen here or on our facebook page

 We are still very rough at the edges but do join in the fun and listen to the grand music.